Rudy Lopez

I began working with my hands at a very young age and began to develop my creative eye through photography, my first artistic pursuit. With an education in drafting and design, and drawing inspiration from the surroundings of my youth, I began my relationship with wood as a craftsman of fine furniture and cabinetry.


 I have always had a love of natural objects and the environment in which those objects flourish, and with that came my love of wood. I spent much of my life on my uncle’s cattle ranch near Tampa, Florida. All the many days spent with my father and uncles working cows and being in the woods gave me a great appreciation for the out-of-doors, and all things relating to nature. To this day, my greatest pleasures come from enjoying nature with my wife hiking, hunting and fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, and just being in the woods.


  I love everything about wood, rough or smooth it possesses a warm welcome feel. Wood grows from the earth, with its endless earthy color variations, the swirling grain patterns of burls and knotty woods. It has an unlimited potential for creativity but also flaws and faults, cracks, knots and other defects which sometimes makes it difficult to work with. This is my favorite kind of wood. 


  Wood is an imperfect medium, yet I never cease to be amazed by the incredible amount of beauty to be found in it as I create a new turning. I feel my goal as an artistic woodturner is to bring out this beauty which God and nature has provided and enhance it to create something that invites the eye and beckons the touch. I prefer simple shapes with flowing lines that showcase but preserve and reflect the natural characteristics of the wood, thus becoming something of beauty for many to enjoy for years to come.


 Rudolph  Lopez