All dates/subject matter/speakers are subject to change.

​June - Demo on small (tops; stoppers) by Gordon.  Also, Jim H./Debby and Jim S. will bring us up to date about being able to do remote demos or videos.  Reminder on SWAT for both clubs.

July - Demo on Christmas items (pens; ornaments; gifts) VOLUNTEER NEEDED. Round Robin Table Discussion for 2021 Demo Ideas.

August - Demo on making pens out of scrap; shop organization and making a profit by Lori Frank.  SEE YOU’LL AT SWAT.

September - Group turning for Wounded Warrior project, (subject to change). Be sure and start working on pens for the Christmas party.

October - Demo on sharpening by James Cater, bring some of your tools. 

November - Travis Merrill - Turning Exotic Materials

December - Christmas Party- Be sure and bring a pen for the gift exchange.

Our mission is to promote wood turning for the novice to the advanced turner.

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