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Robert Cox

I started seeing turned items at craft shows and trade fairs about 10 years ago and thought they were interesting and unique.  Since there were no turners in the part of New Mexico where we lived, I resorted to YouTube to see what turning was all about.  I bought a small pen lathe and was immediately smitten with turning. 

Most of the things I turn become gift items and I really enjoy making things for friends, grandkids, etc.  My favorite medium for pens is deer antler, but I love wood and acrylic as well.

Just now getting into bowl turning and am wanting to improve my techniques.  As with most turners I have met, I am always looking for ways to improve my sharpening skills.

My wife, Dixie, and I live in Spring Branch on a couple of acres with dogs, ponies, and a few stray peacocks that hang out for the deer corn we feed daily.

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