JANUARY 25, 2020.
Jim Desbrow



  1. Roll call. 20 members and 4 online were in attendance.


  1. Minutes from 2019 were read and approved.


  1. Treasures report was read and approved.See attached and notes written on report.


  1. Lead demonstrators are:
    Nick Agar
    Jimmy Clews
    Nick Cook
    Scott Grove
    Jeff Hornung
    Joann Saugsbayu
    Don Ward (pen turners lead)
    Paullsus Dennise


  1. Lathes to be given away. Vic-Mark 300; Laguna mini lathes. SWAT is short one (1) lathe for room demos. A stipend well be given to somebody/club if a lathe is brought.


  1. Room sponsor.The North Texas Club (Ranger Room) will not be able to sponsor their this year. If a club/clubs want to volunteer it would be great. If that room is not filled there will be no demos. This year. It was mentioned that one person ran the equipment by himself.


  1. Comments on last years format. There will be no changes except there will be no black boxes.


  1. Host hotels are the same (Hilton and Courtyard) The hotels are now taking reservations. Be sure and tell them your there for SWAT to get a discount.


  1. Convention center contracts have been signed for the next 5 years. SWAT has applied for a rebate or hotel/motel tax. See P/L attachment.


   10.   Printed raffle tickets. Same as last year. Pat Little ( has the sign up sheets for    selling tickets.   A club is needed to step up and take over the selling of the tickets. 


11. Logo Ware will be a Graphic Gray w/logo from the 25th anniversary year. There will be no

 turning smocks available this year.  Logo patches will be available.


 12.Scholarship name are due by August 1, 2020.To place nomination go to the SWAT website. There will be scholarship 1 per club. It just includes the entry fee to SWAT.  All other expenses are up to the winner. The club present gives out the link.



14. DVDs for 2019 are NOT ready at this time, hopefully they will be ready soon. The DVDs for 2020 needed to be ordered by October 1,2020 online.


15. Nominating Committee is looking for volunteers.


16. 3 for 1 raffle and auction will be the same as last year.


17. Friday night demo. The lead demonstrators will critique works and make chips fly. This format is still under consideration.


18. Beads of Courage. Email pictures to the president. Will Alamo display our boxes? If we do a display  you can take the boxes back  home or leave them there and SWAT will give them to a Children’s Hospital of there choice.  Can Frank Parker coordinate this project for Alamo Turners?


19. Art Gallery. Alamo Turners need to bring their works for display. There will be a section for beginners. If you would like to display at SWAT but can’t attend contact Jim Desbrow, he will take your items and bring them back. If you want to display a piece, you need to write your name, club name, wood type. If you are selling you will need to write your phone no. and price.


20. There is a need for a regional demonstrator. Would Randy Larson like to do his Beads of Courage with bird tooth fitting. There is a stipend for doing the demo.


21.  The Brazos Valley club (WACO) is looking for help on making the decorations for the tables on Saturday night banquet. There are roughly 300 pieces needed. We coordinate with them on quantity needed. Last year they did mushrooms, but the design is up to you (I.E. vases, bowls, snowmen, use your imagination). The sizes are 3”x 6”. These items will be taken home by the people at those tables, iIf you’ll want to partake you need to sign your name and club name on the base. If you aren’t going but would like to donate some pieces Somebody will take them for you.


22.  Old business. There is a need for items for the raffle, and there will be no silent auction this year.


23. Catering. Menu is at night- Friday will be fish fry and chicken. Saturday will be Prime Rib; grilled chicken and salmon. Sunday will be B.B.Q. This year coffee will be served using Kuerig Cups. This is the same cater as last year.


24. Art Gallery. Alan Trout will be the photographer.


25. Demonstration Evaluation Forms. The responses for the Bosque Room (Alamo Wood/Pen turners) where very good. There were only two cards that mention negatively about the video camera operation.  The cards are available for viewing, ask Jim Desbrow or Gordon.


As a personal note I feel like the Alamo Wood Turners can shine at SWAT, weather its selling tickets, donating center pieces for the tables, or having more pieces on display in the art gallery.


Be there any questions please let me know.


Jim Desbrow