Important Information about SWAT 2021  August 27-29 you need to know.

from AWA Representative to SWAT, Jim Desbrow

Update April 24, 2021

                                SWAT NOTES FOR MEETING                          

                                        HELD ON 4/24/2021.


SWAT  will be fully operational for August. 8/27/2021 thru 8//29/2021.


1. Mask will be required, but will be loosley enforced.


2. There will be onsite registration.


3. There will be a full schedule for the show


4.The list of demonstrators will be the same as 2020. For that list go to the SWAT web site.


5. The food situation has not been finalized.


6.Seating will be 3’,social distancing in all the rooms.


7. There will be no auction this year.


8. SWAT will have a display for Beads of Courage boxes.


9.If you would like to show some of your work, you will be limited to 5 pieces.


10. The family program will be as normal. They have 8 demonstrators.  

so far.


11. Logo ware will be for sale. The shirt colors will be Graphite Gray with the SWAT logo.


12.There will still be a drawing, buy your tickets early.


13. Registration site will be up soon. The site master is having some health issues but they are going to have the site up as soon as possible. Keep checking.


14. They are looking for volunteers to sell raffle tickets.

If you are interested email PATLITTLE46@YAHOO.COM.


15. We are still running the pen demonstrating room. If you would like  to help please contact Jim Desbrow or Gordon Kincheloe.


16.Table decorations. Alamo Woodturners will supply 50 Gnomes.I would like to have a piece count soon, so if we have to fill in we can  if needed.


SWAT  Board of Directors meeting was held, via ZOOM, at 10:00 am, 3/27/2021.


The representative from the WACO Convention Center was there.


She stated that the occupancy rate is now at 75% with 3’ social distance required.

Food service  could be plated service; but SWAT is going to ask about a cafeteria style service (like Luby’s).  At this time there is going to be 4 persons per table.


I got the impression that the convention center is unsure about handling a large group like SWAT.


As far as demonstrators the group would be the same ones as for SWAT as last year.




There was a suggestion about a volunteer group to be in charged about safety.


There will be plenty of vendors there.


I suggest making room reservation ASAP.


There will be another meeting at the end of May, and I hope to have more concrete info then.


Personally, I feel that this SWAT could be one of the most attended due to the fact AAW, and ROCKEY MOUNTAIN shows have shut down for 2021.


Jim Desbrow, SWAT Representative