The Alamo Woodturners Association, together with The Hill Country Turners, have just completed our Sensational Summerlong Symposium, and are well on our way into our Autumn Assembly of Awesome Artists! These are the great demonstrators we’ve already seen, teaching us a wide variety of interesting skills and techniques. Stay tuned for our future lineup of all-stars!


AW = Alamo Woodturners (a.k.a. Bowl Turners)

PT = Pen Turners

HC = Hill Country


April 2020

                4/23/20   Emiliano Achaval - “Hawaiian Calabash Bowl”  AW


May 2020

                5/7/20  Cindy Drozda – “Fantastic Finials”  PT

                5/28/20  Craig Timmerman –“Fun With Spheres”  AW


June 2020

                6/4/20  Gordon Kincheloe – “Spinning Tops and Bottle Stoppers”  PT

                6/11/20  Mike Mahoney – “Finishes”  HC

                6/25/20  Dave Landers – “Three-Piece Goblet”  AW


July 2020

                7/2/20  Rebecca DeGroot – “Christmas Ornament”  PT

                7/9/20  Mike Peace – “Thread Chasing”  HC

                7/18  Glenn Lucas – “Irish Platter”  HC

                7/23/20  Harvey Meyer – “Basket Illusion”  AW


August 2020

                8/6/20  Jon David Jones – “Abalone Pens”  PT

                8/13/20  Jeff Hornung – “Calabash Bowl”  HC

                8/27/20  Dennis Belcher – “Multi-Axis Turning”  AW


September 2020

                9/3/20  Jim Hinze – “Custom Pens”  PT

                9/10/20  Jim Echter – “The Sensational Skew”  HC

                9/24/20  Michael Alguire – “Wheel of Delicacy”  AW