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May 26, 2022 @ 6:30pm
May 5, 2022 @ 6:30pm
Presenter:  Rebecca DeGroot
Presentation:  In this demonstration, Rebecca will guide you through the process of creating a walking teapot! After a discussion of form, aesthetics, proportions, movement, and hypothetical functionality, she will go over the required tools and materials. Rebecca will start by turning the body and fitted lid of the teapot, leaving extra material where needed. She will show two unique processes of creating legs for the teapot. You will learn her process to create a split-hollowed spout to be attached later, as well as creating the handles of both the body and the lid and any extra sculpted components. Many parts of the body, legs, handles, and added components will need to be carved before assembly. The demonstration will conclude with finish options and teapot assembly.
Presenter:  JP Kennon

Meeting AgendaElection of Officers
Gordon Kincheloe, Nominating
Committee Chairman, announced
the following officer nominees:

  • President - Debbie Hokanson

  • Vice President - James Carter

  • Secretary - Robert Schoenert

  • Treasurer - Randy Larson

                  Pen Group

  • President - Jim Desbrow

  • Vice President - Jim Sherwood

  • Secretary - JP Kennon

  • Treasurer - Andrew Harris

Walking teapot RDG2 (002)-1.jpg
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Walking teapot RDG1 (002)-1.jpg
Presentation: Turning an Eggoscope Kaleidoscope

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