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March 2, 2023
Pen SIG Meeting

March 23, 2023

The Pen Turners SIG will utilize our regular meeting on Thursday, March 2, to prepare the components for our annual Turning for the Troops event.  In order to prepare the blanks we will need our members and guests to bring their: 

  • #2 MT Drill Chucks,

  • 7 mm drill bits, and

  • any wooden 3/4 X 3/4 blanks you have to share (we need about 155 blanks as we have 152 kits). 

With luck we can get the majority of the blanks cut, drilled, tubed and squared up.  


Details for the event will be made available as soon as they are finalized.  Join us for a evening of hands-on pen prep!

Rebecca DeGroot will share her ideas on our 3x3 challenge block. 

Rebecca DeGroot.jpg

All Turners, I am challenging everyone to a Dual.  I am calling this challenge the “3x3” Challenge and the rules are simple.  You will each be given a block of Curly Maple that measures 3”x3”x4” (I gave you a little extra for a tenon, if you need it) and the object of this challenge is to turn ANYTHING you want out of this block of wood.  Seriously, this is the time to let your creativity go wild!!  This Challenge will start on 01/01/2023 and can not be started before then, so your honor is on the line, and will finish 3 months later at our March meeting.  At this time you are to bring your completed project to the meeting and possibly win a prize.  Please stick to the rules below and have fun!!


Challenge Requirements:

  • You must use the Quilted Maple block provided to you.  If you mess up and need a replacement let me know and we will work something out

  • You are allowed one (1) additional piece of wood that if used must not be the focal point but merely there as an accent

  • You must not start your turning until 12:01am cst on 01/01/2023

  • Your completed project must be submitted at the beginning of our meeting at 6:30pm cst on 03/23/2023

  • All submitted projects will be a part of the “Bring Back Raffle” so you must be willing to let it go

  • Last but not least HAVE FUN!!  This challenge is meant to spur creativity and activity in the club, so go crazy!!


I hope you accept this Challenge - Drew


                      conferencing software is what makes this exciting virtual event possible and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android or iPhone.  This free software that is easy to use and you don't need a webcam to participate.

Our mission is to promote wood turning for the novice to the advanced turner.

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