Bowl Turners Meeting Info

August 27, 2020 - 6:30 PM




Dennis Belcher will share turning aMultiAxis vase.
Handouts of the demo available at

MultiAxis Flower Disc – Demonstration #1

This presentation is more than just a how to make a vertical disc functioning as a flower vase. There are several key themes woven into the presentation.

  • * Woodturning is a journey, not just making a thing.

  • * The journey starts with a simple horizontal disc then progresses to a vertical disc that becomes a canvas for a multitude of coloring, texturing, and carving techniques.

  • * The advantage of picking a form and mastering it rather than jumping from boxes, to platter, to bowls, to pens, to hollow forms. Doing them all, but not mastering any of them.

  • * The importance of working out the sequence of operations before you start is stressed.

  • And oh yes, the bulk of the time is spent actually making a multi-axis, vertical flower disc.

Once the disc is completed, I walk the audience through a variety of textures, coloring techniques, and carvings that can be used to embellish the basic form. The demonstration can vary in length from 1-1/2 to 3 hours depending upon how many embellishment techniques are shown.
The handout will be my article from the June 2017 issue of the American Woodturner.

Pen Turners Meeting Info

August 6, 2020 - 6:30 PM

Demo: Jon Jones will be turning a pen using a blank made from an abalone shell.

                     conferencing software is what makes this exciting virtual event possible and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, Android or iPhone.  This free software that is easy to use and you don't need a webcam to participate.  If you have not used Zoom, you can contact Jim Hokanson at to arrange a practice conference call.

                      Check your email for the link to enter the meeting.

Our mission is to promote wood turning for the novice to the advanced turner.

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