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SWAT 2011.


1.   Instant Gallery for 2010/2011. (orig and copy)


2.   Christmas ornaments & Acorn Birdhouses- Robert Rosand (copy and orig)


3.   Long Stemmed flowers-Jim Keller (copy and orig)


4.   Ornamental Turning- Sig (copy and copy)


5.   Geometric Shapes- Wayne Furr (copy and orig)


6.   Thinking Outside the Box- Curt Thefobald


7.  Hand Chasing Corin Inserts for Boxes- Thomas Irven (orig)


8.   Casting Pen Blanks- Don Ward (copy and orig)


9.   Suface,Texturing ,carving , and Coloring- Doug Fisher


10.  Hand Chased Corian Inserts- Thomas Irven (copy)


11.  Instant Gallery (orig)



SWAT 2012:


1.  Finial Star Lidded Bowel- Cindy Drozda


2.  From the Tree to the Vessel- Keneth Mays


3.  Turning a Three- sided Bowel- Craig Timmerman


4.  Turning Crotches- Todd Hoyer


5.  Introduction to Therming- Angular Woodturning- W.R. Hughes


6.  Vessel Orientation- Todd Hoyer


7.  Surface Enhancement- Part 1- Hayley Smith


8.  Surface Enhancement- Part 2- Hayley Smith


9.  High Efficiency Deep Turning Part 1 -Steve Sinner


10.  High Efficiency Deep Turning Part 2- Steve Sinner  


11.  Inside/Outside Heart- Shape Candlesticks.- Dewayne Colwell


12.  Power Carving the Vessel- Ron Flemimg.


13.  Projects in a Evening- Joe Ruminski


14.  Enhance Your Turnings with Copper- Joel Crabbe.


15.  Using Cactus Skeletons in Woodturning- James Johnson.


16.  Bowel Turning for Beginners- Tom Canfiels.


17.  Multi- Axis,Three -Sided, Three-Legged  Vessel- Charles Brooks.


18.  Wood Characteristics- Todd Hoyer


19.  In the Beginning: At the End- Marty Kaminski


20.  Multi-Axis, Then What?- Joe Ruminski


21.  Instant Gallery Slide Show- W.H.Kloepping.


22.  Pen Turning Discussion- Panel Discussion.


23.  Basic Segmented Turning- Andy Chen


24.  Mini Wood Hats- JoHannes Michelsen.


25.  Tips and Tools For Beginning Turners- Panel Discussion.


26.  Glided Sea Urchin Ornament- Cindy Drozda


27.  Instant Gallery Photos(.jpg format)  - W.H.Kloepping


28.  Full Sized Wood Hats- JoHannes Michelsen



SWAT 2013:


1.  Stablizing  &hardening Wood with Vacuum-Curtis Seeback


2.  Off Center Duck- John Solberg.


3.  C.A. Finishing - Alan Trout.


4.  Simple Inlays- Marliyn Campbell.


5.  Turned Rim & Foot Design- Ashley Harwood


6. Vacuum Chucking- Bill Rubenstien


7.  Turning Hollow Forms w/ Homemade tools-j.Paul Fennell


8. Lidded Boxes(toothpick holders)- Roger Jones.


9.  Pyrography 101- Janice Levi.


10.  Square Winged Ornametal Boxes- Jimmy Clews


11.  Push Cut Bowl Turning- Ashley Harwood.


12.  Tool man ship Turning Baby Rattles- Bob Jarrrett.


13.  A Tool Box of Embellishments-J. Paul Pennell


14.  Visualizing Within the Log- Jim Keller


15.  Making a Bandsaw Box- Marilyn Campbell.


16.  Platter Design- ????


17.  Segmented Techniques Les Casteel.


18.  Finishing - Paul Coppinger


19.  Winged Bowel- Buddy Compton.


20.  Gallery


21.  Natural Edge Flower & Stem- Marien McDaniel


22.  Bowl Turning - Log to Lathe- James Johnson.






1.  Three- Piece Stacking Salt/Spice Box- Gary Barnes.


2.  Vessel Standing on the rim- Kai Muenzer.


3.  Twisted Triangle Box- Cindy Drozda


4.  Hollow Forms with Threaded Lids-Mike Mahoney


5. Bangles- John Beaver


6. Off-Center Turning- Mary Lacer.


7. Pen Acrylic Metal Inserts- Ken Caedin


8.   Low Tech Surface Enhancement Techniques- Clay Foster


9.  Flying Rib VASE- John Beaver.


10.  Topology - Mary Lacer.


11.  Plates, Platters and Bowl- Mike Mahoney.


12.  Casting the Burl- Alan Trout


13.   Bowl Turning with the 40/40 Grind- Stuart Batty


14.  Seven Set-Up Fundamentals- Stuart Batty


15.  Fabulous Final Box- Cindy Drozda


16.  Hollow Ornaments- Dick Sing.


17.  Grids & Spirals- Clay Foster


18.  Back to Basics- Larry Roberts


19.  Feature Ring in Segmented Turning- Andy Chen.


20.  Stuart Batty and Mike Mahoney Duel- Stuart Batty


21.  Hints & Tips from a Third of a Century of Woodturning- James Johnson


22.  Turning the Clam Shell: Box that is- Wayne Furr


23.  An Acorn Ring Box with Secret Compartment-Kevin Bassett


24.  Stuart Batty and Mike Mahoney Dual-Mike MaHoney


25.  Big Green Calabash Bowl- Mike Mahoney


26.  Preparation of a Burl for Casting-Alan Trout


27.  Perfecting the Art of Cutting-Stuart Batty


28.  Wave Bowles- John Beaver


29.  Minature Birdhouse - Dick Sing.







SWAT 2019


1.  Getting Started with Segmenting- Malcon Tibbetts

2.  Sunburst Bowl-Marty Kaminsky

3.  Patterns, Textures and Coloring Part 1-Donna Banfield

4.  Hand Chasing Threads , the Castle Box- Sam Angelo

5.   Embellishing with Archival ink-The Zenreichs

6.  Blending Embellishments-Sam Angleo

7.   A Vortex Bowel- Pete Markin

8.   Tips & Tricks for Perfection in Pens-  Kurt Hertzog

9.   Segmenting, Beyond Basics- Andy Chen

10.  Casting and Finishing—Brain Blohm

11.  Patterns, Textures and Color- Part 2 - Donna Banfield

12.  Wood Turning Puzzle & Square Bowl - Eli Avisera

13. Three and Six Pointed Winged Vessels - Brain Schrader

14.  Compound Miters and Ribbons - Malcom Tibbetts

15.  Sandblasting - Larry Randolph

16.  Creating a Skill Set-Rou Alvarez

17.   Angel Ornament-Kevin Bassett

18.  Skew Chisel-Alan Lacer

19.  Avisera Blocks and Inlays- Eli Avisera

20.  Texturing and Coloring an Offset Bowel- Buddy Compton

21.  Turning a Burl Cap-Drew Shelton

22.  Shades of Tiffany- Barry Todd

23.  Makinf Pen Blanks from Bottle Caps- Jim Swank

24. Inlay Kit Assembly- Ken Nelsen

25.  A Sea Urchin Box- Sally Ault

26.  Turning Corian - Andu Chen

27.  Eccentric Jewelry Pendants- The Zenreichs

28.  Walking Bowl- Rebecca Degroot.





Dovetail Techniques.


Sharpening De Mystified-Kirk Dehear.


Turning Projects from Scrap- Robert Rosand.


Turning for Furniture- Ernie Conover. Have 2 copies.


Acorns Gone Wild - Ron Brown (1 of 2)-Duplicate


Acorns Gone Wild- Ron Brown (2 of 2)-Duplicate


Hollow Forms the Easy Way- Lyle Jamesson


Myron Curtis- Architectural Woodturner and Teacher 


Segmenter polychromatic Vases/Erns-Ron Brown  (1 of 3)

Segmenter polychromatic Vases/Erns-Ron Brown  (2 of 3)


Segmenter polychromatic Vases/Erns-Ron Brown  (3 of 3)


Turned Lidded Boxes- Ron Brown  (1 of 2)


Turned Lidded Boxes- Ron Brown   (2 of 2) 


Making Your Tools as Sharp was Your Mothe-in -law’s Tongue. Ernie Conover.


Kitchen Utensils-Ron Brown


Turning Wood-Richard Raffan


Turning Projects- Richard Raffin


Turn it On- Jimmy Clews (Vol.1)


Turn it On- Jimmy Clewws (Vol.2)


Turn it On -Jimmy Clews (Vol.3)


The Woodturners Mentor- Dales Nish


The Spirit of Woodturning- Davis Ellsworth


Hollow Forms The Easy Way- Lyle Jamieson


Bowl Basics The Easy Way- Lyle Jamieson


In -Depth Hollowing Techiques- Lyle Jameson


Bowl Turning -Del Stubbs  


The Skew Chisel(The Dark Side/The Sweet Side)-Alan Lacer


The Art of Hosaluk in Woodturning-Michael Hosaluk


Tim Yoder- The Woodworking Workshop


Episode 301 - Shop Stool

Episode 302 - Holiday Bell

Episode 303 - Fishing Lure

Episode 304 - Turned Tern

Episode 305 - Mortar & Pestle

Episode 306 - Hollowing & Slumped Glass

Episode 307 - Toy Lawnmower

Episode 308 - Green Wood Goblet

Episode 309 - Norfolk Island Pine Bowl

Episode 310 - Metal Spinning  

Episode 311 - MISSING

Episode 312 - Tools & Sharpening

Episode 313 - Cowboy Hat

Walking Mushroom-Rebecca Degroot. 

Pentel Conversion-Don Ward 

Mark Making with Power-Linda Ferber 

Spherical Music Box- Christian Brisepierre 

Custom Pen Making-Jim Hinze 

Twisted Pen- Karen Freitas 

Mini Aquifer- Rebecca Degroot 

Gnomes- Rebecca Degroot 

360- Herringbone Pen Blanks- Don Ward 

Skew Basics- Alan Laceer 

Bowl Turning Basics- Stuart Batty 

How Learning Spindla Turning Improves Your Bowl Turning- Stuart Batty 

Banksia Pot Egg Box- Tim Yoder 

Natural Edge Bowl- Colin Chalmers 

Bronzer Platter- Nick Agar 

Turning and Sculpting a Flowering Vase- Cory White 

Baby Rattles- Sally Ault 

Segmented pens- Bob Blanford

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