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Emily Ford  better known as Sheturnswood has been captivated by captive rings since 2015. She took up turning specifically to learn to make captive ring baby rattles because she had just had a new baby boy, who she felt deserved a very special hand made toy that could last for years. Not long after she turned her first rattle she fell in love with the art and she set out to become a well rounded turner. 


She has demonstrated at the Utah Woodturning Symposium, Woodturners Worldwide Symposiums, and various Expos.  She has served several years as a board member of two local AAW sponsored turning clubs and is the President of the Timpanogous Turners club in Provo, Utah that meets at Craft Supplies USA where she has been known to teach courses from time to time. 


Shortly after she started turning she created an instagram page to show off her unique works, and you can really see her enchanting personality come through in each of her projects, the rest as they say is history. Sheturnswood has found her passion and hardly a day goes by Emily isn’t found out at her lathe covered in sawdust with a smile on her face, dimple to dimple!  


She lives in Clearfield, Utah with her husband, 4 children, two dogs, two cats and two lathes, and she still puts just as much heart and soul into her projects as the day she gave that special first rattle that started it all, to her son.

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