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I’m a long time woodworker, but added woodturning to the mix in 2010.  I joined a local woodturning club to shorten the learning curve.  At first I did not appreciate the value of attending professional demos, until a buddy gently reminded me that there wasn’t anybody I couldn’t learn something from.  That was humbling, but set me on a course of demos and seminars.  The woodturning community is a very sharing and welcoming one, everywhere I have visited.

Unlike some pros that specialize in something specific, I find I like to do a little of everything, (Jack of all … master of none) as shown in the following images.  That is not to say I have a one-and-done mindset, though.  Production turning may seem repetitive and boring to some, but it offers a skill learning and refinement, in a Groundhog Day kind of way. 

Mike Lanaham

Lanahan 2.jpg
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