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RECAP FOR 1-2-2020


1.Make calendar and assign speakers for demos.


2. Organize bowl turners  at June meeting for Swat


3.  Organize Pen turners at June meeting for SWAT.


4. Randy Larson will contact Wounded Warriors for pens. Jm S. will look for donations of pen kits and blanks.(Kallashan(Purple Heart)


5.Set date and time for group turning for Wound Warriors pen.


6.Jim H /Debby to looks into remote demos; videos. Jim S. will go thru club libary for videos and also look into club website for any videos.


7.Gordon to check with Curits Seabeck on a doing a demo on stabilizing.


8. Debby to follow up with Lori on doing a demo on her suggestions.


9. At July meeting remind members about doing items for Christmas.(i.e. pens, decorations, gifts.)


10. Jim D. check with Eugene Soto about doing a demo on casting.


11. A alternative for the raffle; every body place $5.00 on the table and take a grouping of their choice.


12.a demo on safety


13. Demo on smalls.(i.e. pendents-jewerly- bottle stoppers- domestic -shaving kits.) possibly Debby;Gordon;Jim D.


14. the in and outs of fountain pens, nib replacement.


15. Jim D. contact Travis Merrill on doing different materials. DONE.


16.Each month place on Facebook the meeting for the pen/bowl club.


17. How about the possibility of doing Pens of Courage to go along with the Bowls of courage.



All dates/subject matter/ speakers are subject to change.


January- Disscuison of club agenda for 2020.


Febuary- Demo casting by Eugene Soto. His demo will show the right and wrong way to do casting. Besure to bring your questions. Also Randy Larson will bring us up to date on the Wounded Warrior pen project.  EUGENE WILL BE BRING SOME OF HIS BLANKS FOR SALE  BRING YOUR $$$$$.


March-Demo on turning exotic materials by Travis Merrill


April- Demo non finishing; HDPE by Robert Schornet.


May- Demo on sharpening by James Cater, bring some of your tools.  ELECTIONS ARE THIS MONTH.


June- Demo on smalls(tops ;stoppers ;jewerly) by Gordon. Also he will bring us up to date on navigating the new IAP Website. Also Jim H./Debby and Jim S. will bring us up to date about being able to doing remote demos or videos.  Reminder on SWAT for both clubs.


July- Demo on Christmas items(pens; ornaments; gifts)  VOLENTEER NEEDED.


August- Demo on making pens out of scrap ; shop organization and making a profit by Lori Frank.  SEE YOU’LL AT SWAT.


September- Group turning for Wounded Warrior project. Subject to change if Wounded Warrior project does not work out. Be sure and start working on pens for the Christmas partry.


October- Ideas and volunteer needed.


November- Demo on fountain pens by Jim D.


December -Christmas Party- Be sure and bring a pen for the exchange.

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